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Securing our clients’ future is our life’s work

Our firm serves the victims of catastrophic accidents and other injuries, which means we approach our practice differently. We’re dedicated to serving our clients with compassion, dignity and respect. Our primary goal is to deliver the results they need to achieve their new lifestyle potential–whatever it may be.

We’re deeply committed to hiring  lawyers and legal support professionals with a passion for client service

That requires hiring individuals who think differently. Strype legal professionals embrace challenges and go the extra mile for our clients. And we never back down from a fight. That often means litigating cases for years to secure the maximum possible settlement or award needed to satisfy their ongoing medical and lifestyle needs.

A unique culture for a different kind of law firm

We’re proud to have built a highly engaged employee culture where employees have the opportunity to do great work and grow in their careers. Our lawyers and support staff are encouraged to think and act proactively on behalf of our clients, all while developing innovative solutions to complex legal challenges. It’s a unique approach to personal injury law–and it’s the reason why we boast strong employee engagement and retention rates.