High cost of OB/GYN mistakes in Ontario

OB/GYN mistakes, negligence and malpractice: The results can be catastrophic, heartbreaking — and often remain secret.

A Star/Ryerson investigation. Richard Lautens / Toronto Star

“I personally direct more of my anger, blame and bitterness toward the system than I do the individual physician,” says Laura MacGregor, whose son Matthew suffered catastrophic brain injuries during birth.

“There may be more lawsuits in other specialties for smaller amounts, but in obstetrics there are higher (settlements),” he says. “Surviving is significantly more expensive than dying.”

Obstetrics is considered the highest-risk branch of medicine, according to medical insurance figures paid by most physicians in Canada.

The national legal insurance fund for doctors, the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA), will charge individual obstetricians (with or without a gynecological practice) $72,456 in premiums in 2016 — an amount far beyond any other specialty. More than 80 per cent of that is subsidized by taxpayers, a recent Star investigation reported.

This year, the CMPA singled out obstetrics — the care of patients during pregnancy and childbirth — as the only medical specialty to receive its own specific education program aimed at improving patient care and reducing costs of litigation and settlements.

“In a baby case, the compensation takes into account an entire lifetime,” says Bell. “In other specialties, we are normally dealing with adults who generally are not neurologically compromised thus requiring less intense care, and the life span is usually considerably shorter.”

Ob/GYN mistakes and birth injury: Negligence on the part of medical professionals that leads to birth injuries has life-changing consequences for infants as well as their families.

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If you have gone through a difficult childbirth experience and your child has suffered injuries that commonly stem from a lack of blood or oxygen flow, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. Timing Is Important.

Pedestrian fatalities hit 10-year high

Pedestrian fatalities in Toronto hit 10-year high. Elderly pedestrians are taking the brunt of the increase, with 20 seniors killed on the streets of Toronto this year compared with six at this time last year. Pedestrian collisions tend to increase during the winter as daylight hours are shorter and road conditions are worse.

With the rise in fatalities, the issue of pedestrian safety has come to the fore this year. In northwest Toronto, on the day police launched their annual back-to-school road safety campaign, a 14-year-old girl was hit and killed by a dump truck. In Mississauga, a memorial to a 4-year-old boy surrounds a stop sign near his school, where he was run down Nov. 20. The family of a 47-year-old woman is suing the TTC and a bus driver in connection with her death.

This year’s fatality statistic marks a 10-year high, with possibly the worst yet to come as the days shorten.


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