Auto insurer fights paying a teen with catastrophic injury

“It was a gotcha moment that didn’t go so well for an insurance company determined to play hard ball with a mentally ill young woman.

For 16 days — more than double the usual length of an arbitration — the lawyer for RBC Insurance, now Aviva, hammered away at S.P., insisting she wasn’t really left seriously injured after she was rear-ended in a 2010 collision when she was just 17.

Witnesses testified S.P. was a shadow of the person she was before the accident. Once a good student who aspired to be a lawyer, her mental health had deteriorated to the point where she was suicidal, repeatedly hospitalized, prone to angry outbursts, forced to drop out of college after a breakdown and incapable of holding down a job.

Of course, the insurer tried everything in their arsenal to prevent having to pay out. How low they will go is just astounding. …”

Read the whole article by Michele Mandel, award-winning columnist for the Toronto Sun currently writing about justice issues: http://torontosun.com/news/local-news/mandel-shameful-attempts-by-auto-insurer-to-fight-paying-a-teen-with-catastrophic-injury

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Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice is negligence committed by a professional health care provider such as a doctor, dentist, nurse, chiropractor, technician, or hospital worker whose performance of duties departs from the standard of practice of those with similar training and experience.

Medical malpractice claims: The negligence due to medical malpractice can have serious life-changing consequences for you or your family member. We understand the stresses and fears that you might have in deciding to challenge a medical expert’s actions. We use our years of experience and access to medical professionals to help you understand what has happened to you or your family member and to determine whether negligence has occurred.

You also need to be aware that medical malpractice claims are time-limited in Ontario. A claim must be brought against a doctor within two years from the date one knew or ought to have known a potential injury occurred. A claim against a hospital where a negligent health care professional practiced must be brought within 2 years.

Categories of medical malpractice claims that Strype Injury Lawyers has successfully fought on behalf of their clients:

Our team determines, in a timely fashion, whether a medical malpractice claim exists. We respect your need for openness and clear communication and discuss the likelihood of success with you at all stages of the investigation and claim process.

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Exploding Sunroofs

Exploding sunroofs: an event that has happened in Canada hundreds of times in recent years, according to government statistics. Transport Canada has recorded 351 complaints about shattering sunroofs since the year 2000. The number of such complaints rose to 110 in 2017 from zero in 2007, as reported by Global News.

Whether the product is a faulty automobile airbag, hairdryer, a child’s toy, tainted meat, artificial hip, or an automobile tire, manufacturers must ensure that products are designed and made safely.

Manufacturers must have quality control systems in place to prevent defective products from entering the market. They also need to provide adequate directions and warning labels to protect consumers. Strype Injury Lawyers handles cases of Manufacturing and Product Liability.

“An exploding sunroof might sound like a freak occurrence, but a Consumer Reports investigation has found that it’s not. These incidents have happened in every month of the year in every part of the country, in vehicles from all over the world; they have occurred on interstates, on country roads, and even while parked in driveways.

Sunroofs have significantly expanded in size in recent years, and they’ve also grown in popularity. And the number of consumer complaints about them shattering without warning has soared.

While this doesn’t happen nearly as often as, say, a tire blowout on the highway, any explosion while driving can present a real safety hazard.

And although the issue is well known to the auto industry and government safety regulators, drivers generally assume that their sunroofs are safe.” Read more about this here: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-safety/exploding-sunroofs-danger-overhead/