Can you trust the name you know?

testPersonal Injury Law: Toronto

Many of you may have read the recent Toronto Star expose on personal injury firm Diamond and Diamond.

While we do not know the truth, and cannot comment on it, these allegations about Diamond and Diamond are not new, and have been circulating through the personal injury world for many years. If they are accurate, then it is about time that the public is informed of them, and Strype Injury Law encourages the Law Society to take a serious look into these allegations. These sorts of alleged actions harm the integrity and reputation of our profession.

We sincerely hope that the allegations against Diamond and Diamond are untrue. But, even more so, we hope that these allegations do not affect the manner in which the public views our profession. It would not be right for all of the personal injury firms who practice law the right way to be tarnished by those who do not. There are many ethical and skilled plaintiff lawyers in Ontario, and we at Strype Injury Law work very hard to earn our place in that group.

At Strype Injury Law, we aim to practice law the right way. We aim to advocate for our clients’ rights. We are one of the most active personal injury firms in Canada when it comes to conducting trials of personal injury cases, with two of our partners being endorsed by the Law Society of Upper Canada as Certified Specialists in Civil Litigation. We have never accepted referrals from Diamond and Diamond, and do not refer out files that are within our areas of expertise.

You can rest assured that Strype Injury Law will continue to advocate for our clients, as well as advocating to maintain our profession’s high standards and reputation.